Winter Is Coming – Visit Israel!

man with cold
You know it’s coming, so plan your escape now!

Trudging through slush on your way to the subway or the el-train, bundling up before heading out, and piling layer upon layer on the kids before having to take them all off again for the first one that needs to pee… The cold winters in much of the US are great for a few weeks at a time, but if you need a break to recharge on vitamin D, Israel is calling!

While much of the Northeastern US is blanketed in snow, Israel goes through it’s wet season. For us that means, instead of no rain for months at a time, we get an occasional storm. So in Israel the hills come alive in their full green and flowering color at the most chilly time of year, from about December through March. The temperature averages in the 60s and sunny, with days in the 70s and days in the 50s, and an occasional dip to colder temperatures. In short, it’s like a nice spring day in upstate New York!

hanukkiah old city jerusalem
A hanukkiah in Jerusalem’s Old City

If you’re here for Hanukkah, you can do a ‘Hanukkiah (Hanukkah Menorah) Tour’ in Jerusalem, seeing all the oil-lamp hanukkiah’s lit outside of homes. It’s a great time to go hiking without overheating, where the landscape is at its most vivacious green. This is the best time to visit parts of southern Israel’s great desert, where temperatures are comfortable in the winter months. And if you come in between holidays, timing your visit sometime between the end of Hanukkah (usually in December) and Passover (usually March) you’ll be able to take advantage of low hotel rates and short or non-existent lines at most touring sites.

Come explore Israel this winter for the sun, for the fun, and for your soul!

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