When is the Priestly Blessing on Passover and Sukkot in Jerusalem

The Priestly What Now?

Twice a year, during the intermediate days of Passover and again on Sukkot, masses of people descend on the Western Wall plaza to be blessed simultaneously by hundreds of priests, Cohanim. This year I was lucky enough to be guiding in the Old City of Jerusalem on the day this occurred and caught this video of the event.

How Do I Know Which Day it Will Be?

Great question! Luckily there is a handy formula to figure it out. On both Passover and Sukkot the priestly blessing will be the 3rd morning of the holiday, unless that day is Friday or Shabbat (Saturday), in which case it will be pushed off to Sunday. The blessing takes place twice during the morning prayers, usually around 9:30am and around 10:30am.

Don’t say I never did nothin’ for ya’! 😉

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