Our Tours

What Makes Us Different

Every tour is guided by Rabbi Eitan Levy, with depth of knowledge, experience in the field, attention to detail, and a personal touch.

Off the Beaten Path

Avoid crowds and see parts of Israel most people don't.


Every tour brings together the people of Israel and the Land of Israel with the Torah of Israel.


With five star, door to door service, you can relax and enjoy. You're all taken care of.

Our Tours

Each tour is carefully organized around a theme. The question is not 'where do you want to go,' but rather, 'what do you want to discover?'

What's Included

Door to Door

Pick up and drop off from anywhere in Jerusalem.


Rabbi Eitan will be there to teach, drive, guide, direct, explain, and serve.


All tours to Judea and Samaria are in rock proof vehicles, and Rabbi Eitan carries a weapon. He has never had to use either on a tour, but you can rest easy knowing every precaution has been taken.


You're in charge of your private tour. Any changes you want to make, up to and including the day of the tour just get in touch with Rabbi Eitan and we'll make it happen.

Book Your Tour Now!

If you're interested in booking a tour or just finding out more, fill out this form and we'll be in touch to work out the details and address any questions.

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