Massada and the Dead Sea

Martyrs and Miracles at the Lowest Place on Earth

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Massada and the Dead Sea

The seemingly miraculous qualities and martyred souls at the lowest place on Earth.

The Jordan valley is the lowest point on earth, nearly 1400 feet (420m) below sea level. It is also a rain-shadow desert, with barely a smattering of rainfall on a normal year. Here is the place that God turned desolate in the book of Genesis, in revenge for the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. Here is the salt sea in which nothing sinks, and the mountain fortress whose Jewish defenders committed mass suicide to avoid enslavement.

Today we will ride the cable car up Massada, or hike the snake path, and explore where the last rebel holdout against Rome fell in 74CE. We will float in the Dead Sea, and hike in the desert oasis of Ein Gedi, through the waterfalls of fresh water flowing in the deep desert. For those interested we can also add a visit to Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, and a camel ride lead by Abraham’s servant Eliezer (great for kids!).

Why THIS Tour?


Your guide is an Orthodox rabbi, with a wide and deep familiarity with the story of the area, the Jewish people, and the modern state. His expertise is connecting the story of the place, to the story of the Jewish people, and to you.


Since this is a private tour, you're the boss! You can change around any details to suit your preferences, stop in a park for an hour for the baby to take a nap if you like, extend or shorten the tour, and more. It's all up to you, and changes can even be made on the fly.


The day is full of meaningful adventures for everybody. For kids and grandparents, hardy trail hikers and those with serious mobility issues, we'll design your day to be fun, meaningful, and challenging (but not too challenging) for everybody in your group.

'American' Service

Starting with native spoken English, we will do everything we can to make sure you have a great experience. From planning, pick up and drop off, personal attention and flexibility, our top priority is to make sure you have a great day.

Pricing Chart

Our pricing is transparent and simple. These prices are per/vehicle. They include transportation and guiding for the number of people specified. They do not include activity/entrance fees, food or lunch. Those fees can be done 'pay as you go,' or we can bill you for them before or after the tour. Don't worry, we'll be in touch when you book to work out the details.

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Starting time will depend on the specifics of your day, some time between 8 and 9am. Be sure to bring a hat, shoes that you can wear in the water as well as good walking shoes, lots of water and sunscreen!


Within half an hour of leaving Jerusalem we will have descended more than three quarters of a mile into the Jordan Valley, driving past Bedouin encampments, and the ancient city of Jericho. If you choose to include a camel ride on your tour it will be our first stop this morning. If not we will continue down all the way to Massada, where we will either hike up the legendary ‘Snake Path’ or take the cable car up, and explore the site. We will learn all about the history of the site, why it matters today, and how it connects to you.

Ein Gedi

After stopping for lunch at the bottom of Massada we will continue to Ein Gedi, a year round oasis where we can walk in the fresh water flowing down the hill in this desert, surrounded by water and greenery.

Dead Sea

Finally we will end the day with a stop at the Dead Sea beach, where you will be able to treat your skin to a Dead Sea mud bath, and experience the unique sensation of floating like a pool toy in the hyper saline water!

NOTE: For those who want a separate (gender segregated) beach the order of the Dead Sea and Ein gedi will be switched, as the separate beach is in a different location, and there are kosher l’mehadrin restaurants near the separate beach in Ein Bokek.

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