Living the Mitzvoth


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15 Min from Jerusalem Family Friendly

"And you shall live through them."

Leviticus 18:5

In this tour we explore how Jews today live our lives according to the laws of the Torah, and how they enrich and enliven our day to day existence. Including a visit to the Tzomet Institute for halachah (Jewish law) and technology, a sourdough bakery, a Second Temple period winery and more.

Together we will explore the commandments of keeping the Sabbath, giving tithes in various forms, ritual purity, self defense, all a mere 15 minute drive from Jerusalem. A perfect day tour for families, or any group who wants to connect the tree of lived Torah, with roots in the Land of Israel

Choose Your Own Adventure!

No two people are the same, so why should your tour be? Our private tours allow you to choose the version of our tour that best fits your family. Here are a few of the endless ways we can customize your tour.

Wine Country

This variation includes an extended visit to the award winning Gush Etzion winery and their vinyards, where we will learn about various agricultural laws, as well as special laws having to do with wine and drink, and of course enjoy a tasting from a variety of locally grown and produced wines.

Arts and Crafts

For those who really like be hands on, this version of the tour includes a visit to a woodworking shop where each participant will make their own item of Judaica, such as a Hanukkah menorah, or a mezuzah.

Self Defense

The 'Caliber 3' anti-terror training facility, located in Gush Etzion, allows individuals, families and groups to shoot (children get air/bibi guns) and learn other self defense techniques such as Krav Maga, from some of the best instructors in the country. This is in accordance with the commandment to 'guard your life VERY WELL!'

Custom Fit

Do you want something specific that you don't see here? Have special needs such as wheelchair accessibility? Want to talk it through? No problem. Just be in touch!

Pricing Chart

Our pricing is transparent and simple. These prices are per/vehicle. They include transportation and guiding for the number of people specified. They do not include activity/entrance fees, food or lunch. Those fees can be done 'pay as you go,' or we can bill you for them before or after the tour. Don't worry, we'll be in touch when you book to work out the details.

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We'll start the day with pickup anywhere in Jerusalem you choose and drop you off there at the end of the day.


We’ll start the day at a 2,000 year old mikveh (ritual bath), followed by a visit to the Tzomet Institute for technology and halacha, where we will learn how Jews are adapting modern technology to work in line with Jewish law.


Gush Etzion boasts many great dining options, from a local humus bar frequented by teenagers and soldiers on break from the local base, to a trendy cafe, or a tasting and dairy lunch at the local, international award winning, Gush Etzion winery.


We’ll learn all about baking bread the ‘old way’ at Pat Bamelach, bake pretzels and other traditional bread products. Then we’ll finish the day with a visit to the Gush Etzion visitor’s center to discus the commandment of settling the Land of Israel and the sacrifices made by those living in this area to fulfill that commandment.

After that we will head back to Jerusalem and drop you off back at your hotel or anywhere else in the city you choose.

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