Soul Archeology

Explore the depths of your soul in the layers of Jerusalem's Old City

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Dig-in to Jerusalem with Soul Archeology

Jerusalem is richly layered with dozens of strata of civilization. Each layer connects to your soul and to the Jewish people in a different way.

Here is where it all began. The foundation of the world, prepared before the world was created. The beating heart of the Jewish people for over three thousand years. Words alone cannot do her justice, and walking around by yourself without someone to explain what you’re seeing, it’s just old piles of stones. I usually tell my clients that if they hire me (or any guide) for just one day during their visit, this is the day they should do. It’s the most important place in the country, even the world, and the place where a knowledgeable guide makes the biggest difference.

After meeting outside Jaffa Gate in the morning, we will go up to the rooftops for an overview of the city, continuing down into the Jewish Quarter where we will see Hezekiah’s wall, the Ramban and Hurva synagogues, Defenders’ Square and more.

After a break for lunch in the Jewish quarter we’ll continue down to the City of David and the Davidson Center where we will walk on Second Temple period streets, in the ruins of David’s palace, and in a 2500 year old water tunnel dug in defiance of the Assyrian king Sennacherib. Finally the day will end at the Western Wall.

Why THIS Tour?


Your guide is an Orthodox rabbi, with a wide and deep familiarity with the story of the area, the Jewish people, and the modern state. His expertise is connecting the story of the place, to the story of the Jewish people, and to you.


Since this is a private tour, you're the boss! You can change around any details to suit your preferences, stop in a park for an hour for the baby to take a nap if you like, extend or shorten the tour, and more. It's all up to you, and changes can even be made on the fly.

Safety First

Rabbi Eitan won't take you anywhere he wouldn't take his own children. He keeps his ear to the ground and makes keeping you safe his top priority. In the very unlikely event of a security incident or accident, he is armed, and also carries a first aid kit on all tours.

'American' Service

Starting with native spoken English, we will do everything we can to make sure you have a great experience. From planning, personal attention and flexibility, to logistics support and follow up, our top priority is to make sure you have a great day.

Pricing Chart

Our pricing is transparent and simple. These prices are per/vehicle. They include transportation and guiding for the number of people specified. They do not include activity/entrance fees, food or lunch. Those fees can be done 'pay as you go,' or we can bill you for them before or after the tour. Don't worry, we'll be in touch when you book to work out the details.

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Get ready for a busy day with lots of walking. Make sure you've got good walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen and water, and let's go!

Jaffa Gate

We’ll start the day meeting at Jaffa Gate. With views of the Old City walls, the windmill of the first West Jerusalem neighborhood, and a short walk to the Arab shuk, this is the perfect introduction to Jerusalem.

Over the Rooftops

After a walk down through the Arab shuk, we will go up on the rooftops where we can see all four quarters as well as the Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives, and Mount Scopus. Here we will make a human timeline (fun for kids AND adults) and lay out the broad history of the city.

The Jewish Quarter

We will walk through the Jewish quarter, stopping to see the Roman street (Cardo), King Hezekiah’s broad wall, and hear stories of ancient and modern life in Jerusalem, from King David to 1967. There is no shortage of choices here for where to stop for lunch before moving on to the next part of our day.

The City of David

We will go underground to see the remains of David’s palace, and make our way through the ancient Canaanite water system to Hezekiah’s tunnel where we will walk in the water, a great way to cool off on a hot day! For cooler times of the year, or those who don’t want to get wet, there is a dry exit as well.

Davidson Center (Southern Wall Digs)

Here we can see the full height of the Western wall, the many mikvaot (ritual baths) used by pilgrims before ascending the Temple Mount, and the ancient entrance. After seeing how well we can race up the uneven steps built by King Herod, we will end our day at the Western Wall.

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