Tzfat, Caesaria, Mt. Gilboa

Israel's Green Northern Expanse

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Tzfat, Caesaria, Mt. Gilboa

The green hill country of Israel's North holds the secret to the longevity and vibrancy of Judaism through 2,000 years of exile.

Driving up the coast from Jerusalem, Caesaria is a man-made port created by Herod the Great. It’s an engineering marvel of the ancient world, but it’s also where many great rabbis including Rabbi Akiva met a gruesome end. We will learn how this pagan city played a central role in survival of Judaism after the destruction of the Temple.

We will follow that thread for the rest of the day to one of the first modern Jewish settlements in the Land of Israel at Zichron Yaakov, and at the birthplace of Kabbalah in Tzfat. Time and daylight allowing we will also stop at the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the spring from which Jewish mysticism flows, in Meron, and a view of the Jezreel valley from Mt. Gilboa, where Saul fell in battle with the Philistines.

Why THIS Tour?


Your guide is an Orthodox rabbi, with a wide and deep familiarity with the story of the area, the Jewish people, and the modern state. His expertise is connecting the story of the place, to the story of the Jewish people, and to you.


Since this is a private tour, you're the boss! You can change around any details to suit your preferences, stop in a park for an hour for the baby to take a nap if you like, extend or shorten the tour, and more. It's all up to you, and changes can even be made on the fly.


This day is full of beautiful nature, jaw dropping stories, and deeply meaningful religious sites. There's something for everyone in the family!

'American' Service

Starting with native spoken English, we will do everything we can to make sure you have a great experience. From planning, pick up and drop off, personal attention and flexibility, our top priority is to make sure you have a great day.

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Our pricing is transparent and simple. These prices are per/vehicle. They include transportation and guiding for the number of people specified. They do not include activity/entrance fees, food or lunch. Those fees can be done 'pay as you go,' or we can bill you for them before or after the tour. Don't worry, we'll be in touch when you book to work out the details.

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This is a long day covering a lot of ground. To make the most of it we'll try to start by 8 at the latest. Later start times are possible but may mean we will not make every stop on this itinerary.


The day will begin with an hour of driving from Jerusalem, down to the coast and North to Caesaria. This man-made port was built by Herod the great in honor of his Roman patron Caesar Augustus, and remained the administrative center of Roman ‘Palestine’ for centuries after the destruction of the Temple. Notably, this is where Rabbi Akiva met his end.

Zichron Yaakov, Lunch

Nearby picturesqe Zichron Yaakov was one of the first towns founded by the early Jewish pioneers in the late 19th century. We will walk down the beautiful pedestrian mall and enjoy a good meal before driving on to Tzfat.

Tzfat (Safed) & Meron

Tzfat was the birthplace of Kabbalah, the place where the Friday night service of ‘kabbalat Shabbat’ was established, where the code of Jewish law the Shulchan Aruch was written, and overall where the path of Judaism over the last half millenia was charted. We will learn about Tzfat’s past, visit the Ari Synagogue and the Yosef Caro synagogue, as well as the famous Tzfat candle factory and enjoy a stroll through the Artists’ Quarter.

We will then drive a short distance to Meron to visit the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a sage of the Mishna generally considered the spring from which Jewish mysticism flows.

Mt. Gilboa

On our journey back to Jerusalem we will try to squeeze in one last stop to enjoy the stunning vista of the Jezreel, Beit Shean, and Jordan valleys from the top of Mt. Gilboa, the site of King Saul and his son Jonathan’s final battle and defeat by the Philistines. We will then continue on back to Jerusalem.

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