Talks with Rabbi Eitan

Rabbi Eitan on Massada with an Israeli flag and floppy hat


Rabbi Eitan meets your group in the Gush Etzion area or in Jerusalem for an hour long encounter including a lecture and a question and answer session. Small groups (10 or less) may be invited to the Rabbi’s home in Tekoa for coffee if the timing is right. Alternately, meetings can take place outdoors, or in the client’s hotel in Jerusalem. A brief tour of Tekoa including a short hike with a breathtaking view can be included in a two hour session.


Rabbi Eitan has more than ten years of experience as a highly sought after private guide, Orthodox rabbinic ordination, a degree in philosophy, as well as native, high level English. He has the background to bring Israel, Judaism, and the Bible alive for your group. He can also address burning questions most guides, and for that matter most rabbis, can’t or won’t. You can find many glowing reviews of Rabbi Eitan on Tripadvisor HERE.


  • The Dignity of Difference: How can people of different faiths come together in a way which is meaningful, without anyone compromising or ‘watering down’ their deeply held beliefs?
  • Introduction to Judaism: How does traditional Judaism work and how did it get this way? If relevant to the group, how does this compare and relate to Christianity?
    • Other sub-topics could include: Jewish Law
    • Judaism and Zionism
    • Different Types of Jews: The movements, the head coverings, the big and the small differences.
    • A Brief Introduction to the thought of Rav Kook and religious Zionism
    • Attitudes to Death and Suffering
    • Theodicy (the problem of evil)
    • Unique to Your Group
  • Israeli Politics: What the heck is going on?!?! How do politics work here and how does a person of faith address the seemingly secular challenges of governance?
  • Israeli History in a Biblical Perspective: The miraculous revival of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel is a continuation of God’s promise to His people. Challenges and responses.
  • A Brief History of the Jews and the Land: From The Creation to today, via a long and winding road.


To schedule a session for your group please e-mail Rabbi Eitan at, or call or (preferably) Whatsapp message him at +972-50-980-7602.

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