When is the Priestly Blessing on Passover and Sukkot in Jerusalem

Twice a year, during the intermediate days of Passover and again on Sukkot, masses of people descend on the Western Wall plaza to be blessed simultaneously by hundreds of priests, Cohanim. Here’s the formula so you’ll always know which day it’s on. … Read More

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Modeh Ani, Thanks Upon Awakening

Thank you living and eternal King for returning my soul to me with mercy. Great is your faithfulness. This is my loose translation of the ‘Modeh Ani’ prayer, which is the first words uttered by an observant Jew upon becoming … Read More

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No Excuses

On Struggling with Exercise and with Prayer Exercise and Not Making Excuses I recently started an exercise program, thanks to the great, 100% free (no BS) site which made it ridiculously easy to get started. I’ve struggled for years … Read More