notes shoved into cracks in the Western Wall

What to Wear for a Day in the Old City of Jerusalem

How to dress for an all day hike, with religious sites, scorching sun, and a water tunnel at the end? Here’s my guide to preparing for a tour in the Old City of Jerusalem. … Read More

notes shoved into cracks in the Western Wall

Old City Poems

I confess to writing poetry instead of listening to the tour guide. This was the result! … Read More

jersualem flag two blue stripes with city seal lion

Jerusalem Day, Yom Yerushalaim #51

Today in Israel we celebrate the day 51 years ago when Jerusalem was reunified under Jewish sovereignty for the first time in two thousand years! … Read More

Rabbi Eitan Dancing

5 Non-Tourist-Sites to Transform your Israel Trip

Want to tour in Israel but avoid the standard tourist sites? Here are 5 ways to add a touch of local flavor and culture to your time here. … Read More

elah valley tel azekah shefelah israel day tour

Layers: Tel Me a Story (The Land of Israel, Jerusalem, and the layers of history and meaning that define it)

In ancient times before the written word there was a tribe, worshipers of the gods of the land. They walked along footpaths into the hills of the high country between the great sea and the sea of death, where nothing … Read More

The 5 Love Languages of God

(Picture by Louise Docker, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons) This post originally appeared on the Times of Israel. What is a ‘Love Language?’ In his book, “The Five Love Languages,” Gary Chapman describes a common problem couples have in expressing … Read More