David v. Goliath, The View from Tel Azeka and the Elah Valley

This is where Israelite pride was restored, the Philistine yoke thrown off, and the meteoric rise of the future king David began. See and learn more from the vantage point of Tel Azekah overlooking the site of the battle. … Read More

Saul’s Death and David’s Curse: Mount Gilboa

Saul’s death, David’s curse, Gideon’s army, Elisha’s miracles, and more took place here in the Jezreel valley. … Read More

a picture of the 'joseph' stained glass window at hadassah hospital in jerusalem

Joseph’s Technicolor Life of Personal Growth: Torah Portion Vayeshev

How Joseph turned his youthful challenges into mature success, with dreams, pain, growth and God’s help. … Read More

Experience The Bible Tour

A Holy Tour of the Holy Land These are tours focused on sites familiar from the Bible, accompanied by textual and sensual experiences. See the famous sites, and more.  In the Elah valley you can pick up a stone from the very riverbed … Read More

Gush Etzion – Hebron Day Tour

Biblical Heartland Gush Etzion sits in the center of the Biblical heartland of Israel. A mere 15 minute drive from Jerusalem, this area boasts remains from the times of the Bible, over 3000 years ago, throughout history to the modern … Read More