Special Torah Themed Tours

Is Your Tour About a Place or an Idea?

Usually a day tour is defined by geography, that is, where you want to go. The guide or tour company designs a day to that place which will hit all the big tourist sites. There may be a bit of personalization such as more hiking or more archeology, what activities are age appropriate for your group, etc. I want to offer my clients tours that are defined according to Torah related themes and values, and the geography is merely the (holy and very important) canvas on which it is played out. These are still in development, but I already have a few up.

Living the Mitzvoth, Gush Etzion

bread making workshop
Making bread at “Pat Bamelach” in Rosh Tzurim

Of course, being a ‘Gush-nik’ myself, I couldn’t help starting in my own backyard. This tour explores how Jews today live our lives according to the laws of the Torah, and how they enrich and enliven our day to day existence. It explores the commandments of keeping the Sabbath, giving tithes in various forms, ritual purity, self defense, and more. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Prophets and Madmen:
Joshua, Jeremiah, and the Dead Sea Sect

Sunrise over valley, cliff face to sideThis tour is about the desert. Why does this place give birth to great prophets, kings, madmen, and the Torah itself? The tour includes the place where Joshua led the Jewish people into the Land of Israel, where Jeremiah prophesied doom (and redemption), and where a breakaway sect took the purity laws of the Temple to extremes, creating dozens of mikvehs (ritual baths) in a place with almost no fresh water whatsoever. CLICK HERE to find out more about this tour.

Other Tours of Israel

If you’re interested in other tours I offer, check out my tours page. You can filter tours by category, and keep up with new tours as they’re added! If you’d like to book a tour please fill out a booking form or e-mail me. Hope to see you soon!

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