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“My husband and I enjoyed the extraordinary gift of two exceptional days with Eitan. To praise his knowledge, his Torah, his care, his loving choices of where to take us and well chosen routes are just a kernel of what we could say. If you have the opportunity to arrange for him to be your guide, grab it. You will experience the warmth and professional guidance that reflects a love of Israel and dedication to all which you will treasure.”

-Gershom and Rivka T

“In a single day, our large family experienced three aspects of Israel’s complex heritage: The desert site when Jeremiah pronounced his prophecies, the excavated settlement and the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, and the Dead Sea. Eitan was a fabulous leader and guide, dramatically proclaiming the words of Jeremiah, pondering the extremes of the Essene sect, and finding a great place for us, our kids and our grandkids to experience the astonishing buoyancy of the water and the equally astonishing enthusiasm of the other visitors for the salt-infused mud of the seabed. Our group ranged from 2 years to 72 years old, and we all left delighted with Eitan’s planning, knowledge and patience.”

-B. Heitler, Denver

“Eitan spent almost 12 hours with us touring the Galilee area from Jerusalem today. He is extremely knowledgeable about the history and religious aspects while putting those details into context for both the religious and less so. He is a great teacher, has a great demeanor, and has a nice/comfortable car. We would highly recommend him.”

-Stacey N., Chicago

“My family could not have been more blessed with our choice of Rabbi Eitan. It was our first trip to Israel, including my 13 year old son. Rabbi Eitan took us through Jerusalem on a walking tour and drove us to surrounding areas. I was worried at first that a “tour” would be rigid, rushed and impersonal. Rabbi Eitan was the opposite of all of this. Each time we stopped, he took the time to connect the place historically, spiritually and to us personally. He made a special connection to my son and this was the highlight of his trip.”

-J. Defez, Denver

“My family hired Eitan for a day trip to Masada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. We can’t thank him enough for providing us with the experience of a lifetime. The depth and breadth of his knowledge of Israel, Torah, Judaism, secular studies and the environment/topography is amazing and he combined it in the perfect way to be able to keep our 4 kids (ages 8 through 13) engaged and interested. Eitan is kind, warm and organized and has a keen sense of what his guests need. We can’t thank him enough for an unforgettable day and we look forward to booking him again in the future for more adventures!”

-Stacey B., New York

“Eitan was a fantastic tour guide during our recent family visit to Israel. As we planned our trip, Eitan was welcoming, easy to communicate with, and very flexible as we repeatedly changed our minds and changed our plans about where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see. During our stay, my wife and I found Eitan to be extremely knowledgeable and articulate about both history and current events throughout the region, and our two daughters, 5 and 7, found his storytelling and his explanations very entertaining and understandable. In short, we all loved Eitan and would recommend him without reservation to families visiting Israel.”

-John and Ashley, Paris

“Our fantastic guide, Rabbi Eitan, was a definite highlight of our trip! His knowledge, expertise and experience was beyond terrific! Rabbi Eitan thoughtfully chose sites that were not only important from an historical perspective but also meaningful from a Jewish perspective. His compassion, empathy, loyalty and patriotism to his land made us extra-proud to be one of G-d’s Chosen People. He is truly a gift to this country and to anyone who wants to learn all they can about our great land!!”

-Lauren Eisenberg, USA

“Spending time with Eitan Levy is adequate reason, in and of itself, to visit Israel. My wife and I found Eitan extremely knowledgeable about every subject we could raise. If you enjoy interesting dialogue while traveling in the comfort of his car, then get ready for an enjoyable and informative visit. We covered politics, religion, history, the great outdoors, Israeli cuisine, family backgrounds and our past travels. When we told Eitan that, despite our “advanced” age, we are athletic and would enjoy a rigorous hike, he listened and took us on a challenging and appropriate hike! The next day, Eitan was equally comfortable taking us on a relaxing stroll, followed by lunch and then a visit to synagogues and art galleries. In short, we had a wonderful trip and packed a lot of adventure and relaxation into two memorable days! We are looking forward enthusiastically to being repeat customers over the coming years.”

-Steve C., Bloomfield MI

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