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New content is always going up on the site, from news articles to trip planning guides, new tours, special offers, podcast episodes and videos. If you want to be in touch with the people, the land, and the Torah of Israel this is your home base.

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Planning your trip to Israel can feel overwhelming. I’ve collected all the posts that will be helpful to you in planning and preparing for your time in Israel here in one place.

Jewish Geography is an ongoing discussion about Torah, Judaism and ‘news of the Jews’ in the Land of Israel. Some episodes explore Jewish history, some delve into the weekly Torah reading (the parshah), some look at the news, and many address deep issues within Jewish thought and life. The tie that binds them together is that every subject is addressed with depth and sensitivity, and no punches are pulled.

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Pirkei Avot is a book of the Mishnah, the Oral Torah, which takes millenia of rabbinic wisdom and condenses it into a few pages. In this series I will be unpacking that deep wisdom for you and giving it over in roughly five minute, easy to digest, segments. I will give an introduction and then explain the meaning of the text, often including the commentary of the Rambam.

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