Israel’s 70th Independence Day

Twelve Thousand Voices, Seventy Years, Countless Miracles

When I saw the most recent movie by Koolulam, I was so inspired by what has been achieved in 70 years that I just had to post about it. The video includes 12000 Jews in Israel singing a song which is truly a prayer. All different kinds of Jews, whose ancestors were gathered in from the four corners of the world, whose ancestors would have crawled willingly on their bleeding hands and knees to Zion if only it had been possible for them, standing together in praise, in joy, in love with G-d, his people and his land. You can find that video at the bottom of this post after the podcast. But first, it inspired me to go back to the beginning.

Celebrating Israel’s Independence Day with the Declaration of Independence

By stroke of luck, 70 years ago, when the state was officially born, bursting forth onto the world stage a mere 3 years after the Holocaust, this miracle of Biblical proportions was caught on audio. So here is this week’s episode of the Jewish Geography podcast, including audio of the original declaration of Independence with translation and commentary by yours truly. Fire up the BBQ and enjoy! You can listen or watch below, or CLICK HERE FOR full notes for the podcast and to find ways to sign up or download the episode.



Koolulam Independence Day Video


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