Holocaust Remembrance Day: What’s Left to Say

bloody fist with text 'never again'Why Keep Talking About the Holocaust?

Why should we still be talking about the Holocaust, over 70 years on? Or rather, why was it important to in the first place? These are questions we have to deal with because no fight is ever won in perpetuity. In every generation we must rise up against those who would destroy us, with our faith and history in hand, stand in front of the tide of hatred and cry out for help to the God of Israel.

What’s Left to Say About the Holocaust?

One of my favorite pro-Israel media personalities, Thane Rosenbaum, recently wrote an interesting article asking “What’s Left to Say About the Holocaust.” While I agree with the thrust of his question, and his answer (a lot, as it turns out), the article’s approach left me unsatisfied. This episode of my podcast is my exploration of that article and expansion on it. For the first time you can either view the video, or listen to the podcast. Both here below.

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