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Patriarchs PathA Holy Tour of the Holy Land

These are tours focused on sites familiar from the Bible, accompanied by textual and sensual experiences. See the famous sites, and more.  In the Elah valley you can pick up a stone from the very riverbed where David picked up stones when he fought Goliath. Hike up Tel Azeka, a small mountain overlooking the Elah valley where an Israelite town stood against invaders in the time of the First Temple. Visit a local gourmet winery and experience wine culture in a place where wine was once made to be offered in the Temple in Jerusalem. Walk in the footsteps of the prophet Amos in Nachal Tekoa (picture left) and visit the nearby burial place of Herod the Great, builder of the second Temple.

You will see where Abraham bought his first piece of land in Hebron to bury his wife Sarah, where the Jewish people crossed over the Jordan river, the hills of Edom and Moav, the battle fields of the Bashan, and much, much more.

Talking on phone communication clip artLet Us Custom Design a Tour for You

The tour can be made to fit any itinerary from a day to two weeks. Be in touch using the contact form to the right of the screen (or below on mobile) and we’ll help you design the perfect itinerary for you.

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