Dead Sea, Massada, Ein Gedi Day Tour

The Dead Sea Valley

Rock Hyrax
Yes I know I look like a rodent, but if you look up close I have two tiny tusks and my closest living relative is an elephant! I’m a Rock Hyrax and you can come see me at Ein Gedi!

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth at over 1,200 feet (400m) below sea level. The water is so salty that nothing bigger than an algae can live in it. Yet a short walk from it’s shores sits the ancient fortress of Massada, where the Jewish people made their last stand against Rome, and a lush oasis teeming with greenery and wildlife. Come with me on a journey through history, through nature, and into the healing waters of the Dead Sea.

What Will You See?

The day starts with pickup from your hotel room in the Jerusalem or Tel Aviv areas at a time you choose, and a 2 hour drive straight to Massada. Massada was a massive fortress built deep in the wilderness of the Judean desert by the Maccabees and reinforced by Herod the Great.

Massada view from top of cable car
View from the top of Massada cable car

We will see palaces and Roman baths in the middle of the desert, and learn the tragic and heroic story of Jews who used this place to make their last stand against the Roman legions. We can ride the cable car up and down the mountain or, weather permitting, hike the original ‘Snake Path.’

After we come down from mountain, we will have lunch at the food-court at Massada, or at a restaurant in the nearby Dead Sea hotel area. We have a choice of beaches, ranging from public beaches with just the basics to luxurious spas with all the amenities, depending on your budget. There are also public beaches with separate men’s and women’s areas. Enjoy the sensation as you walk into the water and your feet lift up from under you!

Playing in the water at Ein Gedi

Finally we will begin our journey back in the direction of Jerusalem, making a stop at Ein Gedi. This year-round spring feeds a large and beautiful oasis. We will hike up the main trail to the big waterfall, swimming and splashing in the fresh water pools that form in the gorge on our way up. The fresh, cool water will be the perfect reprieve after the heat of Massada and the salt of the Dead Sea!

Price: $600

This is the price for a day tour for 1-7 people. It is ‘per car’ NOT ‘per person.’

Includes: Guiding and transportation

Does Not Include: Entry fees and food (usually comes out to about $20-30/person) or customary tip.

Book a Tour or Be in Touch!

To be in touch and to book a tour write to, or call +972-50-980-7602 in Israel and 917-475-0208 in the US.

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