Rabbi Eitan’s Reading List

Step back from the 24 hour news cycle and enjoy a good book. Here are some suggestions! … Read More

America’s Border Control Crisis: Why Liberals and Conservative Don’t Understand Each Other

America is split on many issues, where people wonder how a person with any serious morality, with good intentions, and with access to accurate information could possibly be on the other side. Here’s how. I walk through my understanding of recent events at the US border, and then break down the competing moral frameworks functioning on both sides of the issue. … Read More

“Submission” by Michel Houellebecq: Book Review

“Submission” by Michel Houellebecq describes the takeover of France by the Muslim Brotherhood and has been widely attacked as Islamophobic, but it’s real target is modern, secular humanism. … Read More

idf soldier stands next to tank by flag at sunset

In Praise of the Brave IDF Heroes on the Gaza Border

If you only get news about Israel from CNN you may think that headline must be either satirical or written by a moral monster. Think again, and have a listen. … Read More

The Unstoppable Israeli Demographic Juggernaut

A chorus of Jeremiahs have been predicting Israel’s demographic demise since before the state was born. They could not have been more wrong. … Read More

bloody fist with text 'never again'

Holocaust Remembrance Day: What’s Left to Say

Over seventy years after the Holocaust, what’s left to say about it? That’s the question Thane Rosenbaum addresses in a recent article. We take up that question, discuss his answer, and also ask whether the Holocaust is really so different, where it stands in Jewish history, and what does it demand of us? In this week’s Jewish Geography Podcast. … Read More

Is it Safe to Travel to Israel?

The short answer is yes. Traveling to Israel is safe. The slightly less comforting answer is that it is as safe as anywhere in the world today. … Read More

Hebron quote chayei sarah Abraham purcheses plot

Chayei Sarah and the ‘Stabbing Intifada’

And he spoke with them, saying, “If it is your will that I bury my dead from before me, listen to me and entreat for me to Ephron the son of Zohar. That he may give me the Machpelah Cave, which … Read More

richard lakin teaching as an act of love

Teaching As An Act of Love

Parenting is the natural outgrowth of a parent’s love. In the same manner, teaching children in the more formal school setting is also based upon love. –Richard Lakin, “Teaching As an Act of Love”   Richard Lakin was a former … Read More