Day Tours

bread baking workshop on wood tables in bakery

Special Torah Themed Tours

Day tours are usually defined by geography. What happens when you build a tour around Torah values and ideas? … Read More

Remains of haritoun ancient monastery, rubble in pillar shape, towers over steep tekoa canyon

Wild Places in Israel, Close By

There are wild places, where you can experience nature a mere ten minutes away from Jerusalem. … Read More

Shefelah Judean Lowlands Green forest view

Judean Lowlands (Shefela) Day Tour

Beauty, History, Nature and Fun Halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the Judean lowlands, or foothills (Shefela in Hebrew) are a treasure trove of beautiful rolling hills, punctuated with trails, historical sites and tons of fun activities. Here is where … Read More

person walking on dried salt at Dead Sea

Dead Sea, Massada, Ein Gedi Day Tour

The Dead Sea Valley The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth at over 1,200 feet (400m) below sea level. The water is so salty that nothing bigger than an algae can live in it. Yet a short walk … Read More

Eastern Gush Etzion Day Tour: Tekoa, Herodion, Haritoun

THE ‘OTHER’ GUSH ETZION Many Israelis and visitors are familiar with Gush Etzion. It’s close to Jerusalem, beautiful, full of Biblical history as well as fun and exciting activities. And all of that is also true of Eastern Gush Etzion, … Read More

The Better to Bury You, My Dear: The Story of Herodion

What’s in a Name? Whether you call it “Herodion” in Hebrew or “Herodium,” using the Latin version of the site’s name, this is the place Herod chose to call after himself, as a final resting place and monument to his … Read More

Jerusalem Old City Day Tour

Navel of the World In Jewish tradition the Old City of Jerusalem is the center of the universe, the ‘navel of the world’ where God touched creation and everything began. So much attention, faith, hope and intensity focuses on this … Read More

Gush Etzion – Hebron Day Tour

Biblical Heartland Gush Etzion sits in the center of the Biblical heartland of Israel. A mere 15 minute drive from Jerusalem, this area boasts remains from the times of the Bible, over 3000 years ago, throughout history to the modern … Read More